3 Reasons Why Clients Think You Don’t Care

If you’re a business that gets a call, does the job, then sends the invoice, your clients will think you don’t care. We’re living in a world now where it’s all about value.

You’ve got to give them as much value as possible to be left in the back of their mind, to feel like they got a good transaction, and to feel like they want to talk about you with their friends.

Say you’ve just installed something for someone and they’re having a barbecue. Someone asks them, ‘oh nice, that’s new.’ Do you want your client to talk about the product or talk about you?

Word of mouth only works when they remember the business details. But how do you do that? Here are 3 simple things to remember.

1. Do Not Rush Jobs

You don’t wanna be in there quick then escaping. Get in there and create a little bit of communication. Create a bit of a relationship. Talk about the problems and how you’re solving them. Reiterate that you’ve done a good job and show them that you’re proud of it.

2. Follow Up

The second thing is making sure that you’ve got a follow-up system. For me personally, I had the girls in the office calling as a follow-up call. ‘Hey, how’s your installation, are you happy with everything, did you receive the invoice, can we please grab payment, is there anything that we can improve on?’

3. Explain Everything

At the very start, explain to them about how the thing operates. Take them through the simple stuff then get into the finer details. Then go a step beyond and set the thing up. If you put a TV on the wall, hook up the Apple TV or whatever, connect it to the internet and show them that it’s all working.

It’s just about setting them up so that they don’t need to call you back and annoy you in five minutes, five years or five months later asking how they can set an account up or something. Just take the five minutes, take them through it all and you watch those three little key secrets will come back tenfold.

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