3 Strategies to Master Time Management

1. Set Your Intentions

There are a lot of people that have meetings about meetings or meetings about rubbish. You need to set your intentions from before the meeting. Maybe it’s a group of people – make sure there’s an intention set for that meeting.

It’s the same as having a telephone call with someone. Have your intentions set before dialing the phone. There’s nothing worse than dialling and hearing someone on the other end go: yeah there was something else…

It makes you look unprofessional and like you have no direction. You’re wasting their time and they’re wasting your time. Set those intentions first.

2. Planning

Make sure you’ve got your whole day mapped out. Don’t start your day until you have it finished on paper. Have the day set before you go out, have the next day set out and then the whole week set out. Smart planning is a huge one.

3. Time-Blocking

I used to run my business sporadically. I’d be doing 500 things at once. I was going back and forward doing different tasks and I felt like I was never moving forward… until I set up this one gem: time blocking.

It’s really simple. Here’s an example:

  • 8am – 10am – Check emails
  • 10am – 12pm – Making phone calls
  • 1pm – 2pm – Reporting time
  • 4pm-5pm – Free.

Set that free time up for having doing that sporadic stuff and chatting with your staff.

Once you have those three methods put in place: setting intentions for your meetings and interactions, making sure that you’ve got your time-blocking set in place – which is a little gem – and also planning the day before it starts, you watch your whole business just shoot off to another level.

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