5 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Be on the Tools

Number one, it’s bad for your health. You can’t be crawling up and down a ladder, crawling through ceilings all the way up till you’re like 45, 50, 60. You cannot do that, especially if you’re a concreter.
Number two, it’s going to come back and hit you long-term harder than it will ever before. If you’re on the tools during the day plus doing admin at night – working like a 12 to 16 hour day – that’s crazy!
Number three, when you’re on the tools, you can’t be working and thinking about the big picture of your business because you’re stuck figuring out how to get this screw into a wall or how you’re going to fix the problem that your apprentice just made.
Number four, when you’re on the tools it can be very, very, very distracting and hard for you to see and work toward your goals when you’re always getting smashed with all these things that pop up – those urgent kinds of things.
Number five, you don’t want to be on the tools anymore because you can’t make money; it’s not scalable. Get off the tools and get onto developing and expanding your business.

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