5 Smart Minutes to Save You Time

These are five smart minutes that can save you a shit ton of problems down the track.

When I started scaling my business from half a million dollars to twenty million dollars in under three years, I started realising that from all this serious growth, people started calling my 1-800 number between 15 to 50 times a day.

One time I counted 120 phone calls come in, and I started going crazy. I wondered what I was going to do about it. How can I scale this? It’s a mess. But then I started getting smart about it and I put a big whiteboard on the wall and I started documenting what these questions were that people kept asking me. I found that, in some way or another, they fell under a certain category.

So it might have been a question about a previous install or a new install. Two different categories split straightaway. Was it a new customer or an old customer? If it’s an old customer, are they asking about a previous installation or just want to find out information about how it now works and how it operates.

Inside that, I’d then break it down even more. What did they need to know about that installation? They wanted to know when they could turn it on, how much it’s going to save them, or how it even works. So I started to break it down, I put it all up on a whiteboard and was able to categorise those 120 phone calls into about 10 things.

Once I had those 10 things worked out, I sat down and answered the questions from left to right, inside out. I answered them and put them in a very generic template which I handed over as a workbook to my service team.

They started putting out nine out of ten fires for me. That stuff stopped getting to me, and when that stuff stops getting to you, you can then concentrate on more important things like growth, sales and opportunities.

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