5 Tips to Work & Sleep Better

Tips to Work Better

1. Communicate

This is a simple one. If you’re a better communicator, then you’re going to be more productive. You’re also going to be able to collaborate better and get a lot more done throughout your day.

2. Meditate

If you’re not meditating, then you’re missing out something fierce. You need to start implementing meditating daily. I do it twice a day now. I just get so much value out of it. It makes you feel less like you’re being reactive to the external world.

You also notice people around you start to come to you because you’re a calm and level-headed person to be around and talk with – instead of being angry and on edge all the time. That allows people to start to open up to you as well, which also helps with communication.

3. Checklists

Don’t start your day until you have it written down on a checklist. At the start of your day, write out the priority goals that you need to accomplish. When you tick those off, you get like little hits of endorphins because you accomplished something important. 

This will also lead to feeling fulfilled at the end of the day – knowing that you did what you needed to do – which will help you sleep better at night.

4. Fitness

Make sure you’re always out there being active.

Go for a run. If you don’t like running, do boxing. If you don’t like boxing, do yoga. There’s something for everyone. If you want to be active and also chill out, put in music and it on a bike for half an hour. Once you start getting active and you start to feel the energy come into your body, you won’t want to go a day without it.

5. Nutrition

The last thing is nutrition. Make sure you’re eating healthy. Try and scale back on the heavy meats, the heavy carbs and just try and have one of those meals a day. I remember I used to have massive ribs for dinner and I’d just feel like a slug on the couch after – I couldn’t move. And then I’d wake up in the morning and have some big eggs benny with bacon. Then I’d have a huge you know burger or something for lunch.

Eating that type of food all day everyday is a quick way to die early. It’s a quick way to:

  • Feel tired
  • Lose cognitive function
  • Age
  • Get awful sleep.

So I can’t tell you and stress enough. Make sure you’re getting a healthy breakfast. It’s so easy just to have some nice scrambled eggs on toast with some spinach. Smash that down, have some fruit during the day. I’m not saying don’t eat meat, but minimise it. You still need your protein and you’re still going to have those urges – where you want some finger-licking drumsticks or whatever – but just keep it to a minimum.

Stick to these 5 tips and I guarantee you’ll see your whole life transform and jump to another level.

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