5 Ways to Test Your Sales Team

Sales Team Training

These are 5 top ways for how you can monitor your sales team and keep them working at their peak.

1. Keep Them in Your Sights

They’re gonna get sloppy from time to time, so it’s always important to stay on them. Stay on top of their reporting – and I mean daily. Do not wait for weekly reports. Make sure they’re:

  • Keeping up their KPIs
  • Making the phone calls
  • Sending the right emails
  • Doing everything they should be doing.

2. Follow Up on Their Follow-Ups

Make sure these guys are on their follow-up game. If they keep getting an influx of fresh leads, guess what happens to the old ones. They lose their love for them. They lose their momentum. They don’t care about them as much anymore. And you watch the conversion rates just slowly drop. It’s kind of like a seesaw you’re trying to balance for them.

It’s a bit of love on fresh leads and a bit of love on old leads.

3. Jump in the Trenches

The first thing a salesman’s going to tell you when their conversion rates start to drop is the leads are rubbish. I always personally jump in those trenches every now and again. I literally jumped in the trenches last week.

I asked the team to send me ten fresh leads. I sat around in front of them and I quickly called these leads so they could hear the way I talk to potential clients. My conversion rates always nearly double what the guys are doing, so I set my expectations up there and I make sure that they’re listening.

To me, that’s the best way to prove there’s nothing wrong with the leads, there’s nothing wrong with the economy, there’s nothing wrong with the company, it’s them. And once they see that, you watch their conversion rates will start to change.

They also have a lot more respect for you as a boss.

4. Check They Follow Systems

The next thing you want to do is make sure that these guys are following the systems in place. You might have a five-part system where they might get a bit cocky, do the first part and the last part – skipping all the guts of it.

It’s kind of like why we have generals and lieutenants in the army. If we didn’t need that then we wouldn’t have them. The reason we have them is to keep people in line and following processes. As human beings, we just want to take the path of least resistance. Sometimes that means being a bit lazy.

If you have these systems in place, make sure that the guys are following them. Otherwise, I guarantee you, the second you turn your back these guys are gonna start skipping steps. And let’s face it, sales guys are pretty well known for being lazy.

5. Check for Enthusiasm

And the fifth thing – my favorite thing of all – is just to make sure that the guys have enthusiasm in their voice. It’s so important when you hear these guys on the phone to make sure they have enthusiasm in their voice when they’re talking to clients. Even when they’re just asking them how they are.

They’ve gotta sound excited and pumped to be working at your company!

So go check what the conversion rates are in your sales team now, then implement these 5 steps. Then just sit back and watch those rates grow!

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