Advice for New Trades Businesses (Knocking on Doors)

How to get sales

I remember when I first started out, I was literally driving around in my van with my apprentice and we were knocking on doors trying to drum up work. We were going to real estate agents and trying all different types of ways to drum up work. At the end of the day, that’s a complete waste of time.

Yes it’ll get you maybe a job for tomorrow or a job next week, but it’s not scalable. And it’s never going to pay the bills, it’s never gonna grow you, it’s never going to get you to that next level. So I’m telling you right now, stop with the little small stuff and start to expand your message online.

Get that advertising out there. Start to work on how you can get lead generation. You want people coming to you, you don’t wanna be out there knocking on doors. Create a big magnet where people can see you and become interested.

Maybe they see your Facebook videos or they see your blog posts and they’re like: I want to go with this company, I love the way they run their business and how they explain things.

Get people to come to you, don’t go out there knocking, trying to get that one-to-one. It’s just always going to set you up to fail because it’s time consuming and not scalable. If you want any more hints, tips and tricks, reach out to me! I’m full of useful information. I want to help get you guys to a $20 million dollar company. It’s simpler than you may think and I want to show you how.

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