Advice for Young Tradies

I turned my business from half a million dollars a year to twenty million dollars a year in under three years – yes, that’s the length of your apprenticeship. 

I’m a tradie and did my four-year apprenticeship as a sparky. I know exactly what you’re going through and I know exactly what I would tell myself if I was your age again.

Number one: I wouldn’t stress the small stuff. I used to get so worked up about little tiny things on the job site – you know if I messed up or if something didn’t go right I would take it to heart and you know I’d get pretty upset over it.

Looking back at it now I’m like why the hell did I even stress about those things. You’re an apprentice, you’re supposed to make mistakes and learn. The more mistakes you can make the better.

Number two: When I was 19 years old, I didn’t think in a million years that I’d be running a twenty million dollar empire. If I had the mindset that I have now, I would be able to retire right now. Don’t get into the rut of thinking if you’re just a tradesman or an apprentice, you’ll never build an empire.

Too many tradies are happy having one-man vans or two-man vans. They live these normal lives where they’re just happy driving around in their van not going anywhere. Then they’ll tell you that’s as good as it gets. But it’s not.

If you’ve got something inside of you that wants to reach another level, if you’ve got this little thing like you’re destined to be something great, then follow me on Instagram. I want to help you guys. I want to give you the last three or four years of my life, I want to sum it all up and I want to give it to you for free. I want to see you do bigger and better than I did.

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