An Important Takeaway from Warren Buffett

One of the major things that I learned from Warren Buffett is that, in these unprecedented times where there’s a lot of problems in the world, this is when you really get to see who’s naked. What he means by that is that the tide’s been and everyone’s playing around for the last ten years. The ocean’s been full and businesses and employees haven’t been through what we’re going through right now.

Now that the tide’s gone out, we’re starting to see who’s naked – who’s been swimming around without swimmers. And we’re seeing who can handle it and who’s going to stay swimming around without the water.

A lot of big companies are actually putting their heads in their hands and folding themselves and going and hanging the boots up. Unfortunately it’s taking out a lot of employees too. But for us, we’re looking for opportunities. So as these big big players are folding, we’re just plucking them one by one.

So always look for opportunities in your field no matter what it is. And you can tell a lot about someone’s true character under pressure. So there’s some light to these dark times with a lot of new opportunities coming up. So stay on the positive side guys and stay safe.

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