Are you a mosquito or a moth?

A mosquito will be flying away and going to the dark spots in the room and a moth will fly straight to the light.

I think that’s a pretty cool analogy when it comes to running a business. If you have people that are negative in your workplace or on the wrong page – instead of running away and hiding from it in the darkness like a mosquito, why don’t you act like a moth and just fly at it. Head-on.

I’ll tell you right now from experience, when we’ve had an upset client or someone that was a keyboard warrior, the first thing I did was pick up, say I was the owner of the company and I asked them to come in and see me.

I just wanted to tackle it head-on and knick it in the butt. There are so many people that when something negative happens or something bad happens, they stay away from it. It’s just like human nature to sort of want to crawl down and hide and you know try and get away from it.

I get it. it’s human nature to want to try and avoid pain and get away from those sorts of things. What I’m telling you right now though is that the best thing to do is just to knuckle down and head on to it straight on. Get it out of the way.

When’s the best time to eat a frog? First thing in the morning. Get into it. Bite onto it straight away. Head into things a hundred miles an hour and get it done.

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