Are You OK?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics show that 2.8% of all male deaths are from suicide – and a lot of that is coming from trades and construction services.

Guys, we need to be more open to talking about different things that are going on in our lives. You don’t have to keep bottling it up because you might feel uncomfortable about it or you weren’t raised to talk about it.

If you ever want to grow your business and turn it into a multi-million-dollar operation, you’re going to need to learn to express your feelings. You need to learn how to think and be conscious of your thoughts and your emotions.

If you’re a leader out there, something that no one ever teaches you is you actually need to learn how to read your people. Understand and listen to them and ask the question, are you OK? Ask it around your mates.

This is a growing number and it’s nearly double what the rate is for women. Men you need to start opening up. Listen to people around you and if you see that they’re down, pick them up. Don’t just ask how they are then leave it. Go grab a coffee with them and really be present.

You never ever ever know how bad things are deep inside us. I know us guys are good at hiding things that are going on inside, but you know every now and again someone will pull me up and be like ‘hey buddy are you OK’ and I can see the genuine sincerity in it. I look up at them like and I’m, like far out, I’ve actually gotta talk about this. And then I’ll talk about it and I’ll get off my chest and then before you know it – once you verbally say those things – you start to look at it and you’re like wow it’s not actually that bad.

Just talk about it guys, get it off your chest. Anything that’s going on. I want you to take it seriously this week and have a look around at your mates, workers and even your boss. Ask them if they’re OK.

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