Be Grateful for Obstacles

I used to wake up every morning and my mind was chaotic. I was just thinking about all these issues going on and people were calling me to tell me more. Maybe there was an angry customer, someone’s upset about something, or stocks not ready – blah blah blah.
I used to look at those things and feel overwhelmed.
When will this ever end? When will these phone calls ever end? When will these emails stop coming in?
It wasn’t until I took a different look at it, a different approach. I started realising that these are actually good obstacles I have. These are good things that are happening to me, because every single one of those things was:

  • New content – They gave me an idea for a new video or piece of content to create.
  • A new way to grow – If it’s an issue that keeps coming up, then there’s a new procedure or system we can set up so it never happens again.

I changed my mentality around to: these are all obstacles coming at me for ways for me to grow. If nothing ever pushed you, if nothing was ever difficult, you’d never ever grow. You’d never ever be different. Your systems and business would just plateau.
So start to look at these obstacles that are coming at you not as problems, but awesome ways for you to systemise your business, grow and hit that next level. Let’s transform your business from that little blood-sucking thing into a systemic, growing company that gets money in the bank!

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