Can Tradies Be Entrepreneurs?

From tradie to entrepreneur

Have a think about what got you into your trade.

Was it your dad? Was it your friends? Was it something that you just had inside of you? I, myself, followed in my old man’s footsteps. He was an electrician, so I became an electrician.

It’s so easy just to fall into these sorts of trades.

One minute you’re at school, the next minute you’re on a jobsite. Then you’re learning, you’re having fun while you’re learning, and you get paid. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. But the one thing that I want to get into your minds is:

Just because you’re a tradesman, it doesn’t mean you have a ceiling.

There’s no limit. So, why not burst through that ceiling and become a full serial entrepreneur. That’s exactly what I did. I scaled my business.

It started as just me and one apprentice. We were driving around in a black van. I was knocking on doors drumming up work. I was actually out on the street hustling and the only thing I could think about was:

How can I be a big fish?

I’m just a small fish. No one knows who I am. I wanted to:

  • Get big contracts
  • Have an army of employees
  • Have a fleet of trucks.

I always really wanted to be big, but I was only ever a small guy. So I started to investigate how to scale this thing. So, I went worked my ass off in the mines. I worked over in Western Australia and Western Queensland and I put away a heap of money. I worked up in Darwin, put away a heap of money so that I could invest and buy a business that was already established.

I was lucky enough to find a business that had been established for 40 years. It tells a very good story and it also had a fleet of guys on already. We had four electricians working and straight-up business was coming in.

Not a lot of people can do that. Not a lot of people can go and get a business loan and take those things out. What I would stress to you guys is that there’s nothing stopping you from going from being a one-man show to a two-man show and then skyrocketing overnight.

There‚Äôs a million things out there that you can be doing to grow overnight and I’m going to show you how simple steps can help – like increasing your sales, increasing your revenue, getting smart systems in place, and having that cash coming in on time so that you can then invest. Invest in things like hiring more employees, getting a manager that you can trust, and more.

Once you have the right people and systems in place, that’s when you can start to scale and turn into a serial entrepreneur. Once you get this, I’m telling you, it’s like a disease. It’s so, so addictive it’s not funny. You start to look for things like:

  • Where can I increase profit there?
  • Where can I increase more sales there?
  • Where can I look for a better conversion rate on that?
  • How can I expand into different states?
  • How can I take over the country?

It’s a disease. It’s very addictive and I’m telling you right now:

You’re a tradesman and there’s nothing stopping you from being a huge entrepreneur.

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