How to Time Block

This is Why You’re Losing 40% of Your Day

If you’re not out there time-blocking, you’re losing 40% of your day. If you’re already a business owner, you know how employees can distract you. Let’s just say you’re typing an email and somebody knocks on your door...

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From tradie to entrepreneur

Can Tradies Be Entrepreneurs?

Have a think about what got you into your trade. Was it your dad? Was it your friends? Was it something that you just had inside of you? I, myself, followed in my old man’s footsteps. He was an electrician, so I became an electrician.It’s...

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Sales Team Training

5 Ways to Test Your Sales Team

These are 5 top ways for how you can monitor your sales team and keep them working at their peak. 1. Keep Them in Your Sights They’re gonna get sloppy from time to time, so it’s always important to stay on them. Stay on top of their reporting...

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This is Why I Gave Up My 20s

I gave up my 20s so that I could be a millionaire in my 30s. I didn’t want to be living a normal mainstream life. I didn’t care about having a credit card and buying the latest clothes, the latest iPhone just so I could go out and have...

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Success Can Kill You

Almost 50% of businesses fail in Australia within the first three years. The simple answer to that is two words: cash flow. When your business is growing on a huge hockey-stick line like mine did, you start to realise that the bank account is...

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Stop Listening to Shit

I can remember the exact moment when my business and my life just skyrocketed. I can tell you right now, it’s when I stopped listening to shit. The Morning Radio Every single morning you’ll see more and more people get wake up or...

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