People Don’t Trust You

The reason why they don’t is because you haven’t got enough testimonials and you haven’t got enough reviews out there. One of the major strategies that I started putting down in place which escalated my business from $500k a year...

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Stop Judging Your Bank Account

Bank balance shouldn’t make you sad. If you’re anything like how I was and you judge your business by your bank account, chances are you’re a very volatile human being. I know what you’re thinking: How else do you judge your...

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5 Smart Minutes to Save You Time

These are five smart minutes that can save you a shit ton of problems down the track. When I started scaling my business from half a million dollars to twenty million dollars in under three years, I started realising that from all this serious...

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Master Your Business by Mastering Cash Flow

I can’t stress enough how important cash flow is.You need to have that cash coming in on point at the second the transaction’s complete. There’s none of this: ‘yeah I’ll fix you up when I get paid’ or sending them a 7- or 14-day...

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Chasing True Freedom

People want free time. I want freedom. Too many people are out there ‘too busy’ on their phones or just working their basic shift from 8 o’clock in the morning till 4 o’clock in the afternoon. They’re going out and having dinner dates,...

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Advertising is Burning Your Cash

Sometimes your business can seem like a blood-sucking machine. There are many factors that cause this like sinking money into advertising with no ROI.One of the things that I come across day-to-day is that people are spending all this money on billboards...

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