You’re Being Lied to About Profit Tax

You get lied to a lot about:  How much you should pay in taxWhen you should pay your taxHow you should pay your tax. The truth is, there are two ways you can run your company. 1. Looking Profitable You can run your company looking...

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Don’t Judge Your Profit Margin

I’m going to show you how your profit margins will change as you grow in scale. Now when you first start out, you might only be turning over a couple hundred thousand dollars a year – as it’s you that’s actually doing the...

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Forget What They Taught You in School

School taught you some dangerous things. It taught you: It sucks to failYou should fit inDon’t make mistakes. With all of that, you’ll never want to try anything new that’s bold. It also makes you grow up and want to copy your peers –...

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3 Must-Reads to Grow Your Business

1. Cashflow Quadrant – Robert Kiyosaki The best thing you need to make a business grow and scale is sales and to understand your numbers. So Robert Kiyosaki talks a lot about numbers and accounting, so I love this  book. There are a...

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Are You OK?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics show that 2.8% of all male deaths are from suicide – and a lot of that is coming from trades and construction services. Guys, we need to be more open to talking about different things that are going on...

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Stop Waiting for the Money You’re Owed

One of the things that used to really tick me off was when people didn’t pay. I mean, as a tradie, sometimes it’s like getting blood out of a stone to get paid. So I used to get worked up and worked up and worked up. Whenever I ran...

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