Stop the Small Talk

Stop saying ‘hey how are ya’. It just comes off as an empty shell. There are too many business leaders that talk like a transaction. Yes it’s kind of polite to say hello, but if you really want to excel and you want to be a serial entrepreneur...

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How Your Accountant is Screwing You

One of the first things I started to identify early in my business was that I was losing money. At first I didn’t believe it because we were so busy. But I was getting these reports and finding out that I was losing money, I was literally going backwards. I...

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Why You’re Feeling Deflated

I can guarantee it’s because of the people that you’re hanging around. You might not know this because they’re your friends or your family, but a lot of people out there are playing the victim card and blaming things – that’s...

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How to Start a Trades Business (The Right Way)

I’ve scaled my business from half a million dollars a year to twenty million dollars a year in under three years. One of the crucial things that I did in being able to scale like that was I removed my tradie thoughts – yes, I used to be...

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What is Your Body Telling You?

Start to listen to your body. Search for any physical symptoms that you’re under stress. I was shocked when I did this. I noticed that my heart was actually palpitating out of rhythm, I started to notice that I could never get to sleep properly...

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Hire Slow and Fire Fast

That’s probably the best advice that I could give you when it comes to employees in your business. Too many times when I’d have dramas and I’d be in a stressful state I’d quickly hire people and throw them at problems hoping...

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