This is Why Most Tradies are Broke

One of the main reasons why tradies are broke is because you’re spending all this money on junk you don’t need. You’re also getting charged too much money for your materials and you’re getting charged for your materials too quickly. Start...

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This is Why I Lost $200k

I was losing money every single day and I didn’t realise it until I actually looked at the bank account and watched it shrivel up. I was ignoring all the alarm bells. I was ignoring my accountant. I was ignoring everyone because I was so proud...

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3 Strategies to Master Time Management

1. Set Your Intentions There are a lot of people that have meetings about meetings or meetings about rubbish. You need to set your intentions from before the meeting. Maybe it’s a group of people – make sure there’s an intention...

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Why School Has Set You Up To Fail

There are some things that are valuable that you do get from school – the traditional education system – but a majority of it has set you up to fail. It’s been created centuries ago and it’s really created to position you as...

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How to Be Remembered in Business

There’s a reason why people forget you. We’re living in a world where there’s heaps of distractions going on. People put their details in online and then if you don’t call them within an hour, they don’t even know...

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Stop Wasting Money on Facebook Ads

Who here’s donated to the Zuckerberg Foundation? I bet you a million bucks every single one of you has gone what’s this ad feature, I’m gonna put an ad down, I’m gonna make all this money. Then you put down 50 bucks and...

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