Which Employee Are You Putting Up With?

There’s a story about a howling dog. I’ll cut this story short: there’s an old howling dog. Someone moves into a house and they just keep hearing this dog howling howling howling and it goes on for weeks and months and they finally...

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How to Get More Reviews

One of the top secrets that I have to share – now this is a game-changer – is about reviews. You’re leaving money on the table and you’re losing conversion rates by not getting as many reviews as possible. Every single time you’re...

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Sleeping Through Your Best Years?

Are you a sleeping beauty like this guy? Wake up! You’re still young with plenty of energy. You should be working twice as hard now than ever before. You should be getting up a couple hours earlier. Forget what everybody thinks, forget about...

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The Secret to Success is Who You Marry

And I’m not just talking about your life partner. This is also true with your business partner. Be very serious about when you’re making a decision with who you’re going to get in bed with every day, who they are, what their thought processes...

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How to Avoid Bad Reviews

Maybe you deserved your last bad review. Many businesses just blame the customer, blame their employees or blame the warehouse for the stock issues. It seems easier to blame other people, but I guarantee that attitude will get you more bad reviews. Believe...

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The Reason You Feel Sluggish in the Morning

Every single day I used to wake up and feel overwhelmed. There was so much stuff going on at work that I’d think about, then I’d crawl into the shower and my mind would just be racing about little things that I had to do. I’d be drying...

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