How to Get a Free Job Ad

I used to spend thousands of dollars on recruiters until I figured out this one awesome tip. Instead of going out and creating your own job ad from scratch and scratching your head trying to come up with something, what I did was: I jumped onlineI...

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How to Be More Productive

Inside every single one of us there’s a thermostat. If your thermostat is set to only doing X amount of sales every week or your thermostat is set to only working 8 hours a day, you’ll find that you’ll never ever go above that....

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Advice for Young Tradies

I turned my business from half a million dollars a year to twenty million dollars a year in under three years – yes, that’s the length of your apprenticeship.  I’m a tradie and did my four-year apprenticeship as a sparky. I know...

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This is Why I’m Winning

The simple reason why I’m winning is because I have a winner’s mentality. People out there are playing the victim. They want to blame everything that’s going around – blame the election that might be coming up, the weather,...

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How to Secure Cash Flow

It’s just criminal – the amount of money that’s owed to tradies. We asked some tradies how long it took them to get paid and sometimes they took up to 83 days. That is criminal. You need to have these contracts in place that require...

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How to Be a Better Leader

I’ll be honest. When I first started my business I didn’t give my employees much attention. They’d ask a question and I’d give them a quick answer. But when I started to actually open up and pay attention to them, I realised that they were like me...

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