Competing on Price (An Unsustainable Practice)

Stop undercutting each other. Everybody out there is trying to make a name for themselves, but it can turn vicious. I see so many people bounce between getting quotes where businesses compete on offering the lowest price possible. It’s crazy!...

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You’re Running Out of Time

Number one thing that’s killing you is that you think you have all the time in the world. If you look at it – whether you’re in your 20s, 30s or 40s –  you’re a third of the way through your life already. The...

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What To Do When You Lose Motivation

It’s pretty easy to come off the rails every now and again and I can guarantee you I know why. If you’re not getting up and following these daily rituals it’s very easy for you to lose motivation. I keep a very strong eye on my...

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What Happened to Me Will Make You Laugh

I remember this day very clearly. I had everything all set out – the jobs were booked in, the materials were ordered, everything was going gung-ho. It wasn’t until about lunchtime that I got a phone call from a lady asking where the...

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3 Reasons Why Clients Think You Don’t Care

If you’re a business that gets a call, does the job, then sends the invoice, your clients will think you don’t care. We’re living in a world now where it’s all about value. You’ve got to give them as much value as possible to...

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Sales Tactics in 2020

Old sales tactics don’t work anymore. We’re living in 2020 where it’s the Information Age. Potential clients are a lot more educated. They like to sit on things and evaluate things a lot more than what they did even 5 years ago...

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