Don’t Work all the Way to 70

Last Saturday morning I was in my home office:

  • Coming up with content ideas
  • Looking for ways to improve my ads
  • Working out how to get a better ROI on certain things.

Everyone else was out socialising and having fun. They look at me and wonder why I do it. And to put it simply: I don’t do it because I want to, I do it because it makes sense to me.

Monday to Friday I’m training, doing fitness and running multiple businesses. On the weekend I’ll drop all that and work on everything else.That’s actually when I come up with the best ideas or learn the best insights.

Right now people are looking at me thinking that there’s something wrong with me. But I think there’s something wrong with them.

I’m sacrificing three or five years of your life to be set up for the rest of my life – to make sure that I never have to be dependent on anyone (the government, superannuation or my retirement fund). I don’t have to be dependent on any of it because I’m working my ass off now.

I’m looking at people who go out and enjoy their weekends who are happy working until they’re 70. Let that sink in. People would rather work till their 70 years old, so they can have fun on the weekends and enjoy parties and cafes.

When you put it into perspective like that, how does that make you feel? Who’s the odd one out? What would you rather do? Now most people will look at that and go yeah that does make sense, I should sacrifice three or five years of my life and start something today.

For me, the end goal isn’t money. I’m not chasing more money. I’m chasing freedom. I’m chasing the things that money gives you: freedom and lifestyle. To be able to do whatever I want. So what side are you on?

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