From High School to Business Owner

It may seem like an impossible journey to go from high school to owning a $20 million business, but it’s not. I did it – and I didn’t have to wear my undies on the outside of my pants like Superman. It’s a very simple systematic approach I followed.

I grinded. I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I did things the wrong way. I didn’t take any shortcuts, but I did take stabs in the dark on new things. And now that I’ve learnt from all of that, I want to help transform your life and your business – so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

Here’s the Secret

You need to be able to commit to your business inside and out. You need to work long hours for those first couple of years until it starts to really hockey-stick up. If you think that you can have both – in terms of having a social life and running a business – you’re wrong.

Some people want to run a business and have a great work-life balance. But that’s impossible. You’re either gonna have a little business and have your parties on the weekends, or you’re gonna build an empire.

Once the empire is built, then you can start to enjoy those good things – and the better things – in life. There’s nothing better than being able to sit back on a holiday and just know that your teams are going fine without you.

You’ve got managers in place. You’ve got systems and KPIs in place. You know different departments are communicating and collaborating. You’ve got processes in place for everything that can go wrong and you’ve got everything fine-tuned from A to Z – it’s all documented and available to everyone.

Whether you haven’t set up a business or you’ve been running one for years, stay in touch to get more insights. I want to give you all these tips and tricks so you don’t have to go through the same mistakes I did and can save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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