Hire Slow and Fire Fast

That’s probably the best advice that I could give you when it comes to employees in your business.

Too many times when I’d have dramas and I’d be in a stressful state I’d quickly hire people and throw them at problems hoping they’d go away. All that did was make more stress for me when I started to dig into these things.

I’d notice someone working at a quarter of their capacity, so I’d throw another employee in to make up for it. I thought they were the issue, but the issue was actually with me. I wasn’t setting up my employees to succeed from day one.

If I took more time and got down and dirty with the position description, if I worked out KPIs for these people to hit ,targets every day, if I worked out their culture before they started, I wouldn’t have had those issues.

Make sure you’re hiring as slow as possible. Really drag out the process. You should have like a funnel for it where you nut out the:

  • Essentials – who has the licences they need
  • Habits – whose personality would fit in
  • Nitty-gritty – who would complement your business.

You can have somebody that has all the qualifications in the world, but if they’re arrogant and they’ve got an ego, you’ll lose in the long-run.

What I did with my business was I sat down and I created position descriptions, I set out KPIs, I set  full to-do lists, and wrote down and explained from the top: where the business is going. This became an employee handbook that goes into:

  • A full description of me and the company
  • The culture of the team
  • Our expectations.

You also want to fire as quickly as possible. If you notice that someone isn’t right for your business and they’re affecting the culture of the office in a bad way, you need to get them out ASAP. If you don’t, your other employees may start questioning your judgement and dislike working for you.

If you’re interested in getting an employee handbook template, reach out to me and I’ll share mine with you!

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