How I Got Free Labour

This is a quick story to explain something to you that changed my game – changed my business model once and forever. I worked out a system to get wages for free.

Now you’re wondering how and why. What I did was simply train the guys that, when they’re on a job at a client’s house, to make sure they don’t miss other opportunities. Or in other words: look for ways to upsell something.

A couple years ago, I was in a client’s home and realised there were so many other things I could do for this client – instead of just changing a powerpoint or fan. I started looking around for other jobs in the house and told the client:

‘You know, while I’m here, it’s really cheap if you just want me to quickly fix that stove switch.

And it was a great deal both for me and the client because we both got value from it. Then once I started getting the guys switched on and asking these questions, the upsells kept increasing! A common quick upsell was:

‘Hey we’ve got these new USB powerpoints, they’re really cool. Do you want to check one out? The boss is doing a deal on them for half price.’

People hear those things and they get excited. They don’t wanna miss out on that. So why not? The guy’s already there so there’s no call-out fee and there’s a deal on it.

Upsells Add Up

Think about it. If you were there at somebody’s house doing a one-off thing, you could upsell them something that costs like $100. Then if your team was doing that one or two times a day each, that’s enough profit to cover someone’s full wage.

Once I started installing that method in the guys, I thought I might as well reward them. They’re bringing in all this extra revenue, so I added a bonus scheme every time they start hitting KPIs on these extra upsells.

Try it in your business and give it a crack.

Be Warned

One thing I will tell you is: don’t just think that you can quickly come up with all these ideas and have your employees jump on board. These are your ideas, so other people don’t have the emotion set on them like you do.

It’s crazy how many times I’ve come up with a cool idea, gotten everyone excited about it, then found out a week later that no one was doing it. So it’s really important that you come up with these awesome ideas, offer a bonus scheme AND follow up on them.

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