How I Went From 5 Jobs a Week to 65 Jobs a Week

It’s a very simple concept.

You’re no longer a tradesman. If you want to do this, you need to become an entrepreneur and business owner. You’re no longer a tradie. Whatever your trade is, get rid of it. Get it out of your system. You’ve got to become a salesman and a leader (among other roles).

You need to start looking at ways in your industry how you can maximise sales. Set up:

  • A fully dedicated sales team – That only gets paid when they make sales.
  • Your profit margins – How much you need to make and can pay in commissions.
  • Your operations – Get a few installers coming in with a manager.

Then watch this whole thing turbocharge and grow. Get systems in place for complaints handling, get systems in place for when things don’t go right, get systems in place for if people want to deviate from the sales process and offer different products different prices, have systems in place for rescheduling.

All these things need systems. Once you’ve got these systems built, it’s just a big handbook for your business. It’s no longer a blood-sucking thing that you like to call a business, but it’s actually a company that you can then hand over. You can sell it or you can grow it.

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