How to Avoid Bad Reviews

Maybe you deserved your last bad review.

Many businesses just blame the customer, blame their employees or blame the warehouse for the stock issues. It seems easier to blame other people, but I guarantee that attitude will get you more bad reviews.

Believe it or not, the easiest thing to do is listen to the client as a real human being.

Nine times out of ten – and this is what happened with me – it was communication. If something didn’t go as planned or if something didn’t go the way that they thought it was going to go, they’ll give a bad review.

It’s an easy thing to solve. Just keep up the communication and set the expectations from day one. If you say that you’re going to be there on this day, be there. If something changes, tell them. If you say that it’s going to work like this and produce XYZ, make sure it does that. If it doesn’t then always keep up the communication.

Another big one for me was telling clients about their system’s application getting approval with the government. There would always be so many delays that I just felt stupid ringing them again and again saying it’s  been delayed. But you have to do that. It’s better to call and say you’re still waiting than to just wait in silence – because they’ll put the blame onto you.

Just tell them hey just letting you know I haven’t forgotten about you and I am working on this and I’ll keep working on this and I will keep you updated.

You watch that come back tenfold, you’ll never get another bad review again if that’s how you operate. Keep people informed, keep them in the know, even if there isn’t any information to tell them.

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