How to Be Remembered in Business

There’s a reason why people forget you.

We’re living in a world where there’s heaps of distractions going on. People put their details in online and then if you don’t call them within an hour, they don’t even know who you are – let alone what you’re calling about.

Everyone’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter and shorter. You need to make sure when you’re:

  1. Jumping on inbound leads within 60 minutes
  2. Nurturing those leads and staying in the back of their minds.

If you’re a business owner, it means that you’re a problem solver. And you need to remind them of their problems and remind them of how you can solve their problems and how much and how effective you are at doing it.

People have busy lives so it’s so easy to forget about you. Your job is to remind them of who you are, how you can help them, how you’ve helped others, how good you are at what you do, how you’re on point with your warranties, and all sorts of other things.

To be remembered, you need to touch people 12 or 14 times – it used to be 6 or 7. I don’t mean hounding them with sales tactics, I mean just staying fresh in their minds. Give them free examples of other problems in the area and how you’ve tackled them. Anything.

To do all this, you’ll need automation. That way you don’t have to physically do this. You could be working in a roof while nurturing email sequences go out. I’ve had one nurturing email sequence that went out 14 times.

You need to keep touching these leads and nurturing them to stay in the back of their mind. It’s so easy for people to forget who you are, so you need to stay fresh in the back of their mind.

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