How to Beat Competition With USPs

What are your USPs?

I’m talking about your unique selling points (USPs).

The market’s really saturated. So if you’re gonna be out there trying to sell the exact same thing as your neighbour, you need to have a USP. You might say you don’t have one – I’m just a plumber that’s doing the exact same thing as the next guy – but that’s bull.

Start to look at your business and identify what you offer.

Maybe it’s an extended warranty, maybe when you paint you add an extra layer than other people or don’t leave brush marks (you have a brush-mark-free policy). Maybe you have a clean-up policy, 7-day delivery promise, or cash-back guarantee!

Pull your business apart and start thinking about different ways that you can actually stand out from the crowd. You might have a way that you conduct your interview process and require a 25-point check survey – so people have a sense of security when they hire you.

Or maybe your team has a combined knowledge of 100 years in the industry. Start to get some sort of affiliation with your wholesaler – why not have your wholesaler built into your website and just by having that name and reputation as being seen around Australia on your website it’s now credibility for you. That’s now a unique selling point.

Start to think outside the box and come up with different things. Every business has one. And when you start using it, your brand will grow exponentially. If you can’t think of a USP, hit me up!

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