How to Get More Reviews

One of the top secrets that I have to share – now this is a game-changer – is about reviews.

You’re leaving money on the table and you’re losing conversion rates by not getting as many reviews as possible. Every single time you’re at a house or out on site, you should be collecting a review. And I get it:

It’s easy to ask for a review, but it’s not easy to get one.

People are happy to say yes, but they won’t be bothered to actually do it. I had this problem as well. We were doing like 10 to 15 installs a week and then we started doing 20 to 30 and then we got up to about 65 installs a week and I imagined just how much my business would transform if we got this many reviews – we’d smash our competition in terms or online review presence.

So I started getting creative and I started thinking how I could capture every single one of these clients. This is where automation comes in. I started setting up an automation sequence on my CRM where the second that an invoice was sent out, automation followed behind it.

‘Thank you very much, we appreciate your business, please give us a review, here’s a link, blah blah blah.’

I made it as easy as possible for them so they didn’t have to do the work, they just needed to click the link. But some clients couldn’t even do that, so I hit them with another request (all automated). Then when the girls did their follow-up call, they’d ask a third time!

Then another automated email plus a text message would go to their phone – so if they were on their phone all they needed to do was click that link. It took all the guessing work out of it and took them straight to where they needed to be.

You’re probably thinking, well that’s annoying people. Well I’ve probably had out of about a thousand emails and text messages go out, one person ask me to stop asking. I would rather put up with one person telling me to stop and to leave them alone then to not have all those reviews on the platform.

Those reviews took my business to another level. So get out of your mind about being annoying or anything like that or feeling uncomfortable about doing it, it’s about reminding them. You’re just gently reminding them: hey don’t forget, hey don’t forget, here’s a link.

People have a short attention span, so you need to keep up the automated requests.

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