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Stop losing customers!

Stop calling them customers for starters. That’s why you’re losing them. Customers are a once-off transaction where they look for the quick cheapest price and then they leave and go somewhere else.

Start referring to customers as clients. A client is more of a professional relationship where ongoing services are on the table. The second I made the transition from calling them customers to clients, I started seeing an influx of sales coming through the doors – not only an influx of new sales, but of repeat business.

It’s a huge game changer and I want you to change that mindset in your head to start calling them clients today. Once you do, you’re actually making them perceive you as an industry professional. Lose all the sales crap and start seeing yourself as a professional who just gives sound advice and is full of knowledge.

You watch them start flocking to you.

Put yourself in a client’s position – when you go to someone who’s a professional, you don’t look at their price or anyone else. You go to them because you know you’re going to be looked after. They’re a professional and they know what they’re doing – they’re gonna look after you from start to finish.

So make the change today. Make sure that you and your staff are only ever referring to people as clients from now on. They’re not your customers (one-offs), they’re clients (repeats).

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