How to Holiday While Running a Business

Having a holiday used to scare the absolute hell out of me. I knew that when I was working on my business it was great. I was there with my finger on the pulse. But the second that I’d go on holiday I’d reach for my phone every minute.

Checking into the hotel I’d quickly grab the Wi-Fi to jump online and double-check everything’s okay. I never really got a break. It’s like holding your breath and seeing how long you can stay underwater for. That’s how it felt going on holidays.

Why Holidays Are Important

You need to have a holiday because you need to reset and enjoy yourself.

If you don’t, you’re just gonna implode. If you can’t step away from your business and have it run without you, then you don’t have a business at all. You have a liability. And it’s killing you. I would always be stressing out wondering whether that thing that I worked so hard to build is just gonna fall over overnight.

It’s crazy the thoughts that go through your head when you’re just laying there trying to relax. You close your eyes for five seconds and bang, you think about work. You’re out for dinner by the beach then bang, you wonder about an old invoice.

And really, things could have gone wrong. So it was very stressful.

How to Finally Relax

First off, make sure everything you do in your business is being documented. That way you can train your staff, hand stuff over them and delegate responsibilities. You want to make sure you’ve got systems in place for when this happens or that happens.

Make sure you have trustworthy managers who you know are going to do the right thing and just set the guys KPIs. If you get all those things in place, then your business will run smoothly without you.

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