How to Maintain Good Sales Weeks

I can guarantee you that whenever the guys have had an awesome high week – they’re on a high, they’re feeling a little bit cocky – they start to get sloppy. It’s a guaranteed thing that anyone that’s on a roll starts to get a little bit cocky. Then they start to make little shortcuts. They stop:

  • Doing awesome templates
  • Saying ‘sir’
  • Following up on leads
  • Being at their prime.

Those little 1% things that they start slacking off on start to show up in their conversion rates. Then it becomes like a disease and it starts to grow out of control. You start to notice those conversions dropping and then they start second guessing themselves.

That’s why it’s critical for you to maintain these guys when they get on a high to always make sure they stay on a high. Look for those little details that start to get a bit sloppy and do follow ups. I always ask my guys to CC me in on a couple of proposals going out, so I can triple-check their work.

When your sales team is on a high, they’re gonna get a bit cocky and will start making mistakes. That’s why it’s 100% critical to keep your guys on a high. Maintain those conversion rates and maintain that cash flow.

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