How to Make Better Decisions

How to make better decisions

Chances are you’re making bad decisions. And just like me, I was making a lot of bad decisions too when I started my business.

There was a study done on these surgeons. They realised that the surgeons in the morning were very very good – they were saving lives – but towards the end of their shift, they made a lot of mistakes. The study showed that they were making more bad decisions because they had ‘decision fatigue’.

And the same thinking can happen to you!

I remember I would wake up every morning at 5am and my phone would start ringing. I’d have installers calling me, technicians ringing me, I’d be answering questions putting out fires. Then I’d get to work and I’d have all my admin staff and my accountant asking me questions, my head installers, my managers.

Everyone was asking me questions, questions, questions.

I was always forced to make a decision and I remember I’d come home and I’d physically be drained. And that was because of decision fatigue.

You only get X amount of good decisions to make every day. And if you start to look at any one successful in their lives you’ll start to notice little clues – like how Mark Zuckerberg only wears the exact same clothes every day.

The second you wake up you should have your day already mapped out from the day before. You don’t want to wake up and be trying to figure out what type of socks to wear or what you’re going to have for breakfast. All those micro micro decisions that you’re making all add up.

For me, I’d be making so many decisions in the morning that I’d be struggling with decisions by about lunchtime. I’d already be burnt out. And I’d already used my good decisions.

People would be coming into my office asking me things and I’d just feel like I didn’t know, so I’d just ramble something to get them out of my office. Then I’d be up at night thinking why did I make that decision.

So there’s a shortcut to this. Don’t start your day until you haven’t finished on paper. Always have the next day mapped out ready to go. That way you’ll reduce the early decisions you need to make so you can spend your good decisions on things that actually matter.

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