How to R&D Your Life

I’m not talking about RnB. I’m talking about R&D (research and development).

How much research are you doing on your life and even in your business that’s new and different and that’s out there? Too many people are playing it safe. They want to just do whatever makes them feel comfortable and normal.

I can tell you right now, that is the secret to a null and void boring life. One of the best things I did was get myself out of the comfort zone. I spent money on weird seminars. I went to different places and even in my business I’m always listening to new ideas from my different departments.

When I’m talking about research and development, it could be in any area of your life, like:

  • Learning a new language
  • Going to a different gym
  • Starting yoga.

Or for your business it could be:

  • Getting leads from a new place
  • Experimenting with SEO
  • Trying a new email chain
  • Changing your truck service provider.

It’s about looking for better deals and smarter ways of doing things. The way that you’re doing it and the way you’ve been shown to do it isn’t necessarily always the best way. So always have your R&D hat on when you’re out there. Always look for new things and different things.

Look for things that make you feel uncomfortable and start your day getting comfortable feeling uncomfortable. When these little things happen (e.g. a bad phone call), it doesn’t seem so big. No one ever got stronger or better by feeling comfortable. Everybody has to push harder. Everybody has to go through certain life events every day to make them stronger.

Start to look for things that make you feel uncomfortable and get comfortable in those situations (e.g. public speaking). Every single one of those hard things you’re going to push yourself through that is uncomfortable, on the other side of it is extreme growth.


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