How to Spot BS

There’s been more and more people that are just sharing these posts and sending these random messages online full of misinformation – especially during this coronavirus pandemic. And I can see a lot of people becoming fearful. When they’re scared, they share more of the BS online.

So please remember these two things when you are receiving information. This goes for information about coronavirus and the rest of your life.

Number one: who is giving the advice? Who are they? Are they a real person? Nine times out of ten with these shares and messages going around it’s someone’s sister’s friend or a special senior CIA agent (whose name and credentials is missing). Just make sure they’re really a credible source.

Number two: is it fact or is it an opinion? Massive difference between the two. Always question every single piece of information that’s coming in and you won’t get caught up in the pandemic of misinformation.

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