How Videos Make Industry Leaders

How to make videos

You need to get videos out there.

  1. They give you credibility
  2. They show you’re authentic
  3. They’re a great way to educate.

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few quick tips.

Search for blog posts relevant to your industry for inspiration. There’s an industry leader that’s bigger and a leader in your industry who’s smashing out probably four or five blog posts every week. Use those topics and film a video of you talking about it.

Document Your Work

Start to film all your (seemingly boring) processes. Document your sales process and put that into a 15-30 second video. Do a video of behind-the-scenes in your office. You can do a video on: how a hot water system turns cold water into hot water

If you install aircons, set up the camera and do a time-lapse video of an installation. There are so many different videos that you could be doing.

Why are videos important?

I remember when I first started and I had a marketing agency tell me I need to make videos. I’m sitting there thinking what the hell I was going to make a video about. That’s because I had the mentality that what I did (as a sparky and solar business) was boring.

I also had in the back of my mind other people in my industry who might watch those videos and criticise me or question what I’m talking about. ‘Why is he showing people how to put a screw in a wall, that’s so dumb.’

Keep that mentality out of your head and think about your target audience. If it’s a mum sitting at home or grandparents and they’ve never even picked up a drill. Or maybe it’s an accountant sitting in an office that doesn’t know how a hot water system works or an air conditioner. This stuff is actually exciting!

Video Content Ideas

Start to get creative. Everything that you do is actually exciting, entertaining and educational. Think about:

  • How you start your day
  • How you do an installation
  • What happens behind the scenes
  • How products work
  • What’s happening in your industry
  • What the next trend will be
  • Dodgy work in your local area.

Maybe you get to a job site and you see a fan that’s just hanging on by a screw. That’s a video. That’s awesome content:

‘Look at this. This is what happens when you employ people who aren’t fully qualified. This is what happens when you choose a cheaper quote.’

That’s an awesome video. Start to look for content that’s exciting for your target audience and people not in your industry – maybe even on the other side of the world.

Stop kidding yourself. It’s EASY. Get those videos filmed and posted this week!

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