How will you grow your business in 2020?

We’re living in an awesome world with so many new, creative things coming up every day. There are new apps, new programs, all this integration, all this automation – it’s unreal. If you aren’t out there familiarising yourself with all these cool techniques and things that are available to you, you’re getting left behind.
Right now. 2020. Let’s make it a big year! Let’s get things in place so we can perform better and grow our business to another level. Do you have a marketing plan in place? How much money are you spending on your growth (e.g. recruitment and advertising).

Map Out the Year

If you were to look into my room right now, you would see every single month of the whole year is mapped out. This month I’ve got this seminar on, that month we’re implementing that new process, by this month we’ll be turning over X amount of sales, at the end of the year we’ll have these extra employees and be doing business in a new area. You need to put aside just an hour or two hours this weekend.
Why not map it all out? If you sit down, map this whole thing out and step back, the feeling is incredible. For me it was like: wow I’ve got a thing in place now, I know where my business is, I know where I want it to be. It’s like a weight off your shoulders and then you can gradually start to take those little steps. And once you start to get that momentum up, who knows, maybe you might smash out the first six months in three months. Then you can re-evaluate the whole year, shuffle it forward and throw some more things in there.
It’s addictive. It’s achievable. Keep planning and expanding and let’s make 2020 a huge year for growth!

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