Invest More in Yourself

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Stop wasting money on dinners and start spending more money on yourself.

How much money have you invested on yourself this year? Last year? The year before? If the answer is zero, then I can pretty much guess your bank balance. There’s too many people out there that are too focused on going out to dinners, movies, parties, whatever.

They’ve always got something planned for the weekend, but they’ve got nothing planned for their future.

If you’re interested in doing big things in your life, you want to start to immerse yourself with people who want to talk about business, finance, investments, property, all those topics. They’re the people you want to immerse yourself with because they have a future.

Me, personally, I’ve knuckled down. I’ve been eating sh** for the last two/three years. I’ve sacrificed a lot of stuff some people take for granted. And now it’s all starting to pay off. I’ve distanced myself from anyone who:

  • Talks negatively about other people
  • Talks about all the problems that they have
  • Talks about all the problems in the world.

And my life’s never been better.

Having all those people in your life is kind of like having an anchor on the end of a boat. You’re trying to head off in a certain direction, but you’ve got them pulling you back, pulling you back. If you’ve got somewhere you want to be and you’ve got it clearly defined, it’s time to cut ties with those sorts of people and start to invest money in yourself.

Invest money on seminars, training, everything out there that you want to do. There’s always something you can learn to get you a step closer to where you want to be. You just need to start looking for it. More doors can open when you look for them.

If you find you have nowhere to go or you’re not sure where you want to go, I’d start to look at who’s influencing you in your life right now. Start hanging around people who are going to inspire you, encourage you, and give you direction for where you want to go.

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