Meditating Will Make You Better at Business

I was overwhelmed with stress until I found this one secret.

The number one thing that I started doing when I got into business was overloading myself to the max. I know you know what I’m talking about – doing huge hours waking up in the middle of the morning working from 5am to 5pm then going home to do all your admin.

It’s a lot like a cup. You’re adding a little bit of stress each day (e.g. your contractor puts their foot through a roof or there’s a problem at home) and that stress is filling up the cup. Eventually the cup can’t hold it all in.

It’s like that cup is your mind. And if it overflows, you’ll have a meltdown. There are heaps of signs your body will tell you too – so stress will express itself in different ways. The best thing to do is to start meditating. Anyone can start meditating anywhere anytime.

There’s this huge stigma around meditating on a cliff and finding some peace and quiet. The truth is you can be meditating the second you get in your car, you could be meditating the second you wake up, you can be meditating sitting in your office or while you’re walking.

Meditating is just finding stillness in your mind – trying to quiet it down and just have that peace and quiet. Then guess what starts to happen every time you meditate. You start to empty that cup. You become lighter and calmer. 

Do it for yourself and do it for the people around you. Because they will notice. And it’ll help people become more open around you.

I can tell you a good story when I started meditating. I started to break down this barrier instead of seeing people as a transaction. And I’d always be brushing people off. The second that I started meditating, I started to actually connect with people. When I started to connect with people, I started to form deeper relationships.

I can remember when I first really started noticing it one of my sales reps came up to me – and it normally would be a single transaction meeting – and I sat down and actually started to have a conversation with him. I started to talk to him about my life and he started talking about his life. In the background, I’ve been chasing another sales rep and didn’t know where to go or how to find one. And this guy opened up and said his son was actually in the industry and was looking for a job.

That sort of connection would never have happened if we hadn’t connected first. His son started working for me and he was great! It just opened up my mind and I started to wonder how it’ll transform my life and business if I just started implementing this thing every day.

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