Sales Tactics in 2020

Old sales tactics don’t work anymore.

We’re living in 2020 where it’s the Information Age. Potential clients are a lot more educated. They like to sit on things and evaluate things a lot more than what they did even 5 years ago – when you could just door knock:

‘Hello sir. How are you sir. If this is the right thing for you, sir, would you be happy to move ahead? And if I could tailor this for your right price budget, sir, would you be happy to pay a deposit today?’

Those sorts of tactics are dead! They don’t work anymore – boxing people in. They can smell it from a mile away. They can smell a dodgy salesman. I’m telling you, right now, throw those tactics out in the bin and start to concentrate on being an information guru.

You want to be seen as a specialist in your field. You want to be asking the right questions to tailor yourself to make them think you’re an expert who genuinely cares about providing a solution to a household problem.

Let’s say someone’s looking for a new aircon and you’re just like oh Mitsubishi is the best, here’s Mitsubishi, this is a really good price, buy from me. Nobody wants to hear that. If you came in from a different angle of asking:

  • How old the house is
  • If the roof have insulation
  • What the square meters of the bedrooms are
  • How many people live in the house
  • What’s their average power consumption like.

Few people might think those questions are pointless, but most will see that you really want to be able to give an informed offer. There’s a difference between the small one man van that just rocks up to install the unit – no questions – and a professional who goes in with a nice proposal and detailed questions.

A business that does that is guaranteed to get higher conversion rates because there’s no dodgy sales tactics. You’re not ringing them 12 times a day going hey it’s me again, just following up, have you made a decision yet, why haven’t you bought from us I gave you the best price?

That’s dead. Leave it in the grave. It’s never coming back. You want to be able to give. Give information, give proposals, give different layouts, give testimonials, give them something free – maybe it’s an e-book or something on the best ways to use electricity. Nurture them through the sales process and I guarantee you’re gonna start watching all those proposals get more sales.

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