Sleeping Through Your Best Years?

Are you a sleeping beauty like this guy?

Wake up! You’re still young with plenty of energy. You should be working twice as hard now than ever before. You should be getting up a couple hours earlier. Forget what everybody thinks, forget about what everybody says, knuckle down and let’s get this thing done.

I keep hearing:

‘But Aaron, I only have X amount of hours every day, I don’t have time.’

That’s the story of a loser. And I can guarantee what their Instagram story says: they’re out partying all the time and getting big expensive breakfasts. And let’s be honest, they probably have a big credit card debt too.

Those are the stories of losers that are never going to be anywhere in life. I’m telling you to knuckle down. You should be finishing work at 4 or 5 o’clock in the afternoon, coming home and knuckling down a marketing strategy, knuckling down your new ad strategy, getting down on the computer strategising the next month or next year. Get creative!

Work out ways to get paid faster, negotiate better deals on stock, negotiate better trading terms. Look at ways to improve the business and grow. How’s your marketing; how’s your ads; what’s your conversion rate; what’s your next goal for the year; what do you plan on turning over next month?

Where are you headed in life? Start to plan out your day and spend more time working on your business and trying to get strategies in place so that you can move ahead. Forget about this guy, you ain’t got time to sleep. You’re still young, let’s crush it.

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