Stop Putting Rubbish in Your Body

How to eat healthy

For a long time I was feeling very stressed out. I wasn’t sleeping properly, I had no energy and the fact of the matter is it came down to what I was eating. They don’t really teach you this stuff in school and I think that it’s something very very important that everyone should take seriously: the ‘food’ you’re putting in your mouth.

As a tradie, I’d be always on the road going from job to job – even in a rush to get from home to the office – and grabbing just little meals here and there. But they were all just rubbish. And it wasn’t until I started taking it a lot more seriously that I started to actually see results in my life.

  • Better sleeping
  • Less stress
  • A very clear mind.

So I’m talking to you tradies out there that are just pulling in and getting a sausage roll, getting an Ice Break coffee and all this – V drinks – to keep you going in the afternoon. Those things are just littered with sugar and they’re just gonna make you crash.

One of the best things I ever did was change my diet.

I used to wake up every morning have a quick sausage roll or something from the 7-eleven on the way to work. I’d get to work and by 9 or 10am with a foggy brain. So I’d think to myself: I must need another coffee. That’d pick me up for like another 10-15 minutes and then I’d crash again.

It was just a vicious cycle. Then I’d get no sleep that night which meant that I’d wake up the next morning feeling groggy and down, so I’d have even more coffee, and it was just out of control. So I can’t stress enough how important it is to just start eating clean.

Eat healthy. Do it for yourself, do it for your kids, do it for your family, and most of all do it for your business. You’ll see the massive results. I’m telling you right now once you start getting this nutrition stuff down pat, you start eating from the greener paddock and you start making clearer and better decisions. You won’t want to go back.

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