Stop the Small Talk

Stop saying ‘hey how are ya’.

It just comes off as an empty shell. There are too many business leaders that talk like a transaction. Yes it’s kind of polite to say hello, but if you really want to excel and you want to be a serial entrepreneur and make it in this world, you need to start having deeper connections.

Start to look people in the eyes and don’t just ask them about how they are and walk off, you want to start to expand on their life and remember those things Then you bring them up again. It’ll help you to understand people and it’ll create a deeper connection.

People feel more valued if you’re a boss in a company and you remember:

  • Names
  • Birthdays
  • Life events
  • Appointments.

If you start to create and build on this it’s like it’s an inner skill that you can use to expand and grow your business and also your personal life. You’ll start to notice the way people behave around you changes and they’re more likely to open to you about serious issues.

Spend a couple of minutes with each one of your team members, even if it’s a friend or a family member that you would normally just say ‘how are you’ to. Maybe it’s a supplier or something like that. Ask them about their weekend and just keep building on that relationship.

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