Stop Wasting Money on Facebook Ads

Who here’s donated to the Zuckerberg Foundation?

I bet you a million bucks every single one of you has gone what’s this ad feature, I’m gonna put an ad down, I’m gonna make all this money. Then you put down 50 bucks and you didn’t get anything, so you thought I’ll just run a little bit longer and put down 500 bucks.

I used to do the same thing. I was dabbling in the front-end ads and I was just boosting a couple of posts and you know creating this quick and easy little advertisement with 50 bucks a day.

Then all I’d get where a handful likes and a couple of goblins commenting stupid stuff. I was like what the hell, I just paid all this money for someone to criticise me and I didn’t get anything for it. It was deflating and I was nearly gonna give up.

I want to teach you guys how to properly set up ads in the actual Business Manager part of Facebook. I want to show you how to monitor those results and I want to show you what the industry standard is.

For online ads to work, you need to know what click-through rates are, you need to know what your impression results are, you know what your conversion rate is, how many cents you’re paying. I want to show you how you can put out a low budget measure that gets a bit of traction, then start to implement bigger things.

When you start off you’re just trying to grab people’s attention and read your ad, then hopefully get them to click. So there’s the retention rate of getting someone to stop scrolling and look at you and click, then fill out a form, then contact you.

You need to know your retention rate and conversion rate from every ad. Or else you’ll just waste money. These things are traceable and they’re important. 

I want to help you to understand them so you don’t keep donating to the Zuckerberg Foundation. Change that mentality, Facebook wants you to win. Facebook wants you to make money. The more money you make, the more money you’re going to invest in Facebook. You need a better ROI on your ad investment and I’m going to show you how to get it.

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