The 1 Thing I’d Change If I Went Back in Time

The number one thing if I could go back in time and change would be my emotional intelligence.

A few years ago, I used to get very worked up over telephone phone calls and worked up over people talking to me. I felt like they were sucking my time – even good clients. I would be very short and abrupt – straight to the point – because I was in such a stressful state. And I was very emotional.

I worked out later that I had control of those emotions. A lot of people don’t realise this, but you do. We’re all human beings and we do have bad things happen to us. The simple and quickest thing is your auto suggestion to go: that bad thing happened to me and that’s going to put me in a bad state.

Then you’re in a bad mood and react badly. When you think about it and you break it down, it’s very childish. When you’re aware of that, you start to see someone order a coffee and the wrong coffee comes out and they explode: why did you give me the wrong coffee!?

They go off like a baboon. It’s very primal and it makes you look like a child. The second that you see someone give you the wrong thing or someone makes a mistake, just stand there and say that’s okay. And if it’s more serious, you can ask what you both can do next time to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

That to me was the number one thing if I could go back and change in time would be to increase my emotional intelligence. To be aware of my thoughts and my feelings all the time. I think if everyone adopted this thing overnight the whole world would change and become a better place for everybody.

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