The 3 Roles of Content Most Businesses Owners Forget

1. Educate

Number one: educate. You want to be seen as an educator, not someone who just gives a quick quote. Wham-bam, here’s your quote. Take it or leave it. You want to educate them on:

  • How the product works
  • Where the product came from
  • The manufacturer of the product
  • What’s their presence life in Australia
  • Their warranties.

2. Inform

The next thing you want to do is inform them on what you can do for them. Give them insight into how you operate, how you’ll handle the job, what you can do for them after the service is complete – from servicing to your business warranties. 

3. Inspire

The last thing is to inspire. You want to be inspiring for these leads to get them excited. Tell them  how you’re going to solve their problems and change their life with your service and products. Create that bit of urgency for them.

Let them know that there’s a limited stock available. Let them know that you need to get them to lock it in this price by the end of the week. All those sorts of things get them inspired and excited about it.

Have enthusiasm in your content and let them know how you’re the industry professional and how you can solve their problem.

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