The Lie They Tell Tradies

You can’t book out jobs weeks in advance.

That’s a lie. That’s what I thought every time someone told me that I couldn’t have the dream that I wanted. Back in 2016 I wanted to have an awesome successful trades business where I:

  • Was booked out for weeks in advance
  • Knew exactly where the guys were going to be
  • Knew exactly what stock I needed
  • Had all the customers booked in.

Every single person that I spoke to said it was impossible – that’s not how trades that’s not how trade services run. Everyone else was happy being booked out for a day or two – they couldn’t dream of being booked out for weeks.

Fast-forward to today and we’re now booked out for three to four weeks at a time. We’ve got over 200 installations happening. The month after that we haven’t even been able to call leads yet. So yeah, that’s such a lie.

Start to look at the people you’re hanging around. The people saying the lie were guys that had been in the industry for decades. They were other sparkies and they were my mates. But their mentality just wasn’t true and it was holding me back.

They just waited for the phone to ring one or two days in advance and then do the job. If you’re currently just relying on the phone to ring or getting repeat business, there’s another way to run your business! It happened with my business and it can happen with yours too.

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