The Secret to Success is Who You Marry

And I’m not just talking about your life partner. This is also true with your business partner. Be very serious about when you’re making a decision with who you’re going to get in bed with every day, who they are, what their thought processes are their, what their habits are.

I can tell you right now you’re never ever gonna reach the moon if you’ve got someone holding you back, has no ambition or inspiration. It’s gonna keep you back subconsciously and even long-term you’re never ever going to see that ROI in any of your investments. You can see all the seminars you want to see, you can go and spend all the money on self-help, you can go shoot to the moon with all your goals but if you’ve got someone that’s negative – they’re negging on you – that’s contagious and that’ll keep you down.

You need to be having positive people around you to motivate you. If anything, you want to have someone that’s even more ambitious than what you are, driving you around, making you pick yourself up. So be careful who get in bed with and remember success can be from your partner as well as yourself.

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