This is Why I’m Winning

The simple reason why I’m winning is because I have a winner’s mentality.

People out there are playing the victim. They want to blame everything that’s going around – blame the election that might be coming up, the weather, the economy – that’s a loser’s mentality. If you want to win, you’ve got to have a winner’s mentality.

Always look for leverage, ways to grow and increase your production. Don’t ever look for excuses and problems out there, start to look for things that people can’t see. Success leaves a lot of clues, so if you start to look at what the big guys are doing in your industry, you can find things you can implement yourself.

The key message here is to have a winner’s mentality and lose the victim. The worst boss in the world is someone who blames everyone else – when the reality is it’s them that needs to change.

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